Canadian Distance Learning Frequently Asked Questions

What is open learning?

How quickly can I begin distance eduation?

Who participates in open learning?

Can I benefit from distance education?

Can I finish my education with distance learning?

Can I get a second career through distance learning?

What Canadian degrees are available on-line?

Do I have to complete all my distance degree on-line?

Which Canadian on-line degree is in highest demand?

How is a Canadian on-line bachelor degree different?

What further on-line Bachelor degrees are being developed?

Will my Canadian on-line Bachelor's degree be recognized?

How do I obtain a BC adult graduation diploma online?

Can I train to be a Home Support Attendant online?

Can I get practical nurse training through distance education?

Can I study to update my Registered Nursing training online?

Can I study social work on-line in BC?

What on-line Bachelor of Arts degrees are available for distance learners?

Does the Canadian Virtual University grant distance Bachelor degrees?

What is the most popular distance graduate degree in the arts and sciences?

What Bachelor of Science degree's are available by distance learning?

Can I obtain an Associate degree by Canadian distance learning?

What distance programs exist for Registered Nurses worldwide?

What's available for Canadian Business distance education?

How do I obtain basic Canadian business skills?

How do I obtain a Canadian Diploma in Management studies?

How do I obtain a distance Canadian Bachelor of Commerce?

Can I obtain post Bachelor distance Business skills?

Can I study for a distance Canadian graduate degree in Business?

What role does Pan Canadian Pathways play in Human Services Education?

How is a distance Bachelor of Health degree different from a Nursing degree?

Can I study to be a Registered Nurse through distance learning?

How do I obtain a distance Human Services degree?

How do I obtain Graduate distance education to work with troubled youth?

Can I train to be a Physical Therapy Aide by distance learning?

Why enroll in a Canadian Professional Development Program?

Are there Professional development program's for Educators?

What professional development programs exist for health care providers?

Is there a professional development program for Project Management?

How do I obtain a professional development program for Employment Counselors?

How do I increase my skills as a Registered Nurse?

What College education is available through distance learning?

Are on-line College diplomas recognized?

Can I transfer education from a College to a University?

How do I choose an on-line University?

What is the prerequisite for University in Canada.

What differences exist between a distance and open degree?

Are all distance education programs done on-line?

What technology do I need for on-line learning?

How is an On-line Classroom different?

Can I complete an entire degree on-line in Canada?

How long will I have to complete an on-line degree?

How do I access help from an online Instructor?

Why choose a Bachelor of General Studies?

Who can apply for the Canadian Bachelor of General Studies?

Can I transfer prior learning to the Bachelor of General Studies?

How do I choose courses for my Bachelor of General studies?

Why choose a Certificate of General Studies?

What's next after the Bachelor of General Studies?

Who is the typical distance learner?

What is a typical day for the distance student?

How long will it take me to complete my education?

Will I be isolated from other learners?

How do I access help from my teachers?

What will Graduation be like?

What will a College distance program cost me?

What will an online university degree cost?

Do I need a student loan for online university?

How do I get Federal and Provincial student loans?

Are private loans available for distance students?

Are there Scholarships for distance learners?

What technological challenges do Canadian distance learners have?

Will traditional Colleges/Universities become obsolete?

Will American colleges continue to offer distance degree's to Canadians?

Are student loans available to Canadian distance learners?

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