Obtaining a Registered Nurse Refresher Certificate

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Can I study to update my Registered Nursing training online?

Obtaining a Registered Nurse Refresher Certificate

For RNs (Registered Nurses) wishing to update their skills and re-enter the workplace, an online distance registered nurse refresher certificate is available. Made up of 18 credits, the refresher certificate is designed to get experienced RN's back to work in the health field. The curriculum follows two guidelines of the College of Registered Nurses of British Columbia (CRNBC) Standards for Registered Nurses and Nurse Practitioners and Competencies in the Context of Entry-level Registered Nurse Practice in BC.

Who is Eligible for Entry into the Registered Nurse Refresher Certificate Program?

  • Graduates from a recognized Nursing Program
  • RNs who have actively worked as nurses in the last 10 years.
  • RNs registered with, or eligible for re-registration with the CRNBC
What's Involved in the Curriculum for the Registered Nurse Refresher Certificate Program ?

  • Health Review (3) credits
  • RN Nursing Skills lab (2) credits
  • Nursing Update (12) credits
All courses must be completed to obtain the registered nurse refresher certificate. While the Health Review is available worldwide as an open learning course for nurses everywhere, the rest of the program is not. Nursing skills labs are held on campus at set times of the year and enrollment is limited. As lab work composes two-thirds of the registered nurse refresher certificate, students must be prepared to undertake and pay for the expense of going to campus.

Graduates are eligible to renew their registered nurse licenses and begin practicing in hospitals, private homes and through home health agencies.



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