Obtaining a BC Social Service Work Certificate

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Can I study social work on-line in BC?

Obtaining a BC Social Service Work Certificate

Social work and support is a huge growth area in BC. For students interested in social work training, a job-ready BC Social Service Worker certificate exists. Available through Canadian distance learning, the academic courses are completed online. Students must attend one weekend workshop and their work practicum in Vancouver.

What Are the Eligibility and Academic Requirements for Admittance to the BC Social Service Work Certificate Program?

  • BC residents only
  • A grade 12, or BC adult graduation diploma
  • A college level written communication course
  • A college level introductory psychology course
  • Proof of 60 hours of volunteerism is a social service or nonprofit organization.
Additionally students are required to do a situational questionnaire, supply a personal mission statement and do a phone orientation with the co-coordinator of the Social Services Worker certificate program.

What Are the Academic Components of the Social Service Worker Certificate?

  • Special core courses in; Intro to Social Work Practice and Social Welfare in Canada.
  • Social work theory and practice
  • Counseling skills
  • Lifespan development
  • Social Science
  • Practicum (must have criminal background check)
Students who graduate with the 29 credit BC Social Service Worker certificate find themselves job- ready for entry-level positions.

The largest growth area for social service workers is in the area of gerontology. As the baby boomers age, social service workers are assisting hospital social workers with discharge plans and the finding and implementation of long-term health management plans. Social service workers within a hospital setting may assist social workers with finding suitable long-term care arrangements for the elderly and infirm.



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