Availability of Online Bachelor or Arts Degrees

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What on-line Bachelor of Arts degrees are available for distance learners?

Availability of Online Bachelor or Arts Degrees

Through Canadian distance education, almost all of the traditional on-campus arts degrees are available online. No on-campus participation is needed or expected and students are free to complete their degrees at their own pace. Typically students are given five to seven years, and in some instances 10 years, to complete a distance Bachelor of Arts degree. While most distance degree providers embrace open learning, some individual credit courses may only be available at set times of the year.

Who is eligible to enroll in a distance Bachelor of Arts degree program?

  • Students with an academic grade 12 diploma
  • Students with a BC adult graduation diploma
  • International online students with their country's equivalent of grade 12 AND
  • GED graduates may be admitted to Bachelor of Arts programs, but may have to undergo some additional academic course work in English.
  • Both Canadian and international students with prior university credits, but unfinished degrees.
The Canadian Virtual University, through its conglomerate of 12 national colleges and universities, offer more than a dozen Bachelor of Arts degrees. Although not all universities who offer distance Arts degrees participate in the CVU, through them the greatest ease and availability of finding an online degree exists.

What majors are available for online distance Bachelor of Arts degrees:

  1. Anthropology
  2. Canadian Studies
  3. Classics
  4. Communication
  5. Community Work
  6. English
  7. French
  8. Geography
  9. Justice Studies
  10. History
  11. Humanities
  12. Native Studies
  13. Labor Studies
  14. Military Studies
  15. Political Science
  16. Psychology
  17. Religious Studies
  18. Sociology
  19. Women's Studies
Distance Bachelor of Arts degrees have both 3-year and 4-year concentrations. Four-year concentrations are honors degrees. Typically, a B.A. with a 3-year concentration consists of a total of 90 credits, while an honors degree makes up 120 credits.

All Canadian Bachelor of Arts distance degrees are available to students worldwide.



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