Availability of Associate Degrees in Canadian Distance Learning

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Can I obtain an Associate degree by Canadian distance learning?

Availability of Associate Degrees in Canadian Distance Learning

Typically, Associate degrees have not been offered by Canadian universities. The term "Associate degree" is an American term and usually refers to the completion of the first two years of a three or four-year university program. Traditionally, Canadian universities have offered university level certificates and degrees below the Bachelor level, instead of Associate degrees.

Canadian Open Universities, such as Thompson Rivers University, are beginning to embrace open learning Associate degree programs. Currently two Associate degrees exist; the Associate of Arts degree and the Associate of Science degree.

What are the benefits of the Associate degree?

  • For students unsure if they want to complete a Bachelor's degree in a specific discipline,they can first complete an Associate degree.
  • For both Canadian and international students who wish to transfer an Associate degree towards an on-campus degree in their own country.
  • For any student who wishes to change their major, they may apply to have some or all of their Associate degree recognized for another degree program.
  • Students may choose to enter the work force after the completion of an Associate degree.
What's Involved in Completing an Associate degree in Science or Arts?
  • The application for an Associate degree is the same as for a Bachelor's degree.
  • There is no major in an Associate degree, but students must take a set number of courses from the degree-granting institution to graduate.
  • Electives can be chosen from other academic institutions within the Canadian Virtual University.
  • An Associate degree comprises 60 credits.



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