Obtaining the Post RN Bachelor of Nursing

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What distance programs exist for Registered Nurses worldwide?

Obtaining the Post RN Bachelor of Nursing

For registered nurses with diplomas, putting an academic foundation under their practical skills through the Post-RN Bachelor of Science has never been easier.
Available internationally through open learning, the Post-RN Bachelor of Nursing is designed for working registered nurses in any country.

Who is eligible for admittance into the Post-RN Bachelor of Nursing degree program?

  • Registered Nurses having a diploma in nursing
  • Registered nurses, who are currently registered and licensed to practice in their state, province and country.
  • Registered nurses having a recognized nursing diploma and a Bachelor of Science degree.
The Post-RN Bachelor of Nursing is especially beneficial to students who need an academic degree to both upgrade their nursing skills and seek employment advancement. In Canada, graduates of the now defunct Public Health Nursing diploma, which led to RN status, will find it especially appealing to be able to add an academic base to their credentials.

How is Prior Learning Assessment Evaluated for Entrance into the Post-RN Bachelor of Nursing?

  • For students with a diploma in Registered Nursing, 60 credits are granted.
  • For students with both a diploma in Nursing and a Bachelor of Science degree, an additional 30 credits may be granted.
The Post-RN, Bachelor of Nursing is a 120 credit program, equivalent to a 4-year degree.
What's Involved in the Post-RN Bachelor of Nursing Degree?
  • Required Nursing credits
  • Non-Nursing credits
  • Electives
  • Work placement
The Post-RN, Bachelor of Nursing focuses on health issues and theory, not science lab work. A work practicum is included, which with the help of the university, a student completes in their home country, in a relevant medical setting. Nursing is a very competitive field and U.S. residents often spend years on college waiting lists to attend a Post-RN, Bachelor of Nursing program. Through Canadian distance education, a globally-recognized credential in nursing now exists!



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