Obtaining a Canadian Diploma in Management

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How do I obtain a Canadian Diploma in Management studies?

Obtaining a Canadian Diploma in Management

The Canadian Diploma in Management is the second level of business training and education. This 60-credit or 2-year Diploma in Management consists of 15 core credits and 45 electives. For the electives, students choose courses to develop broad, general management skills or concentrate their studies in one of five different specialized areas of management. The Diploma in Management is an open learning diploma delivered by distance learning.

Graduates of the Certificate in Business Skills are automatically awarded the 15 core credit requirements for the diploma in management. Other students with relevant business certificates, training and prior education may apply to have it recognized through Prior Learning Assessment and Review (PLAR). This is especially helpful to U.S. and international students wanting to enroll in a Canadian Diploma in Management program.

Whats areas of specialization are available in the Diploma in Management?

  • Accounting
  • Global Entrepreneurship in the 21st century
  • Information technology
  • Leadership and organizational behaviour
  • Marketing



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