Pan Canadian Pathways and the Health and Human Services Sector

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What role does Pan Canadian Pathways play in Human Services Education?

Pan Canadian Pathways and the Health and Human Services Sector

The explosive growth of the Health and Human Services Sector in Canada has led to a wide variety of career training. College and University career programs train students for entry to upper management level positions within the Health and Human Services sector.
Certificates, diplomas and degrees can all lead to meaningful careers in Health and Human Services. Pan Canadian Pathways recognizes the need for college graduates to continue their Health and Human Services education to the Bachelor's degree level and beyond. A funded learning initiative of Human Resources Development Canada (HRDC), Pan Canadian Pathways is sponsored by Athabasca University.

What is Pan Canadian Pathways?

Pan Canadian Pathways is a network of 28 public and private colleges and college systems across Canada. All participating colleges offer certificates and diplomas in the Health and Human Services field. Joining and participating in Pan Canadian is a voluntary decision of individual colleges and college systems.

What does Pan Canadian Pathways do? And for who?

Essentially Pan Canadian Pathways was created to assist Canadian Health and Human Services students in advancing their college education to a university degree.

Providing a student has earned their college diploma or certificate from a Pan Canadian Pathways member colleges, they may transfer that learning toward a university degree. Being able to convert and continue education and allowing students to receive a Bachelor's degree in a timely manner is the ultimate goal of Pan Canadian Pathways. A certificate from a participating college is recognized as 15 credits toward a Health and Human Services degree, while a diploma is recognized as 30 to 60 credits toward a 120 credit Bachelor's degree.

Where can I transfer my college credits to?



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