Applying for the Canadian Bachelor of General Studies

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Who can apply for the Canadian Bachelor of General Studies?

Applying for the Canadian Bachelor of General Studies

Enrolling in a distance Bachelor of General Studies is an exciting event! Admittance to a Bachelor of General Studies is available to students globally. There are specific requirements for admittance to a Canadian distance university along with a nonrefundable application fee. There are, however, a handful of distance universities that do not require a high school diploma.

General Requirements for Canadian residents:

  • Have an academic high school diploma with grade 12 English.
  • Be a mature student with a recognized GED.
  • Mature students without a high school diploma or GED must consult the university individually. (A mature student is recognized as someone who has been out of formal education for at least three years and must be at least 19 or 21 years of age depending on the university).



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