Obtaining a Canadian Bachelor of Commerce (General Management)

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Obtaining a Canadian Bachelor of Commerce (General Management)

If you're interested in obtaining your Canada Bachelor of Commerce degree, be sure you meet the eligibility requirements. Below are the guidelines outlining who is eligible for entrance into the Canada Bachelor of Commerce degree and what prior learning recognition is given.

  1. Canadian residents with a 2-year community college diploma in business - up to 60 credits granted.
  2. BCIT diploma (British Columbia Institute of Technology Diploma) - up to 72 credits granted.
  3. Certified Management Accountants (CMA) who have completed and passed their exam - up to 90 credits granted.
  4. International students wanting to obtain a Canadian qualification may have up to 50 percent of their prior education recognized though Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (PLAR)
  5. Students currently enrolled in the CMA or CGA (Certified General Accountants program) may be given conditional admittance into the Bachelor of Commerce degree.



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