Applying and Studying for the Distance Bachelor of Art Degree

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Applying and Studying for the Distance Bachelor of Art Degree

If you plan on getting a Canadian Bachelor degree, it's important to find a school that gives you plenty of electives to choose from. Being able to choose electives from different academic institutions benefits Canadian Bachelor degree students in several ways:

  1. Cost Effective - different universities have different rates for credit courses, students may save some money.
  2. No waiting lists - electives through the open university system can be undertaken at any time.
  3. Greater variety - students with specific interests can have the greatest access to electives programs from the 12 Universities that make up the Canadian Virtual University conglomerate.
  4. Ease of transfer - students taking electives from universities within the CVU know they will be automatically transfered toward their degree, regardless of the institution.
The steps to apply for and complete a distance Bachelor of Science are the same as for the distance Bachelor of Arts.



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