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How quickly can I begin distance eduation?

No Waiting Times

Once you have decided on a program of study through Canadian distance education, enrollment can be immediate. You will never find yourself on a college waiting list through open learning. This is especially beneficial for students interested in in-demand programs. Enrollment through open learning means you can begin working on your Canadian distance diploma or degree right away!


Who Are The Open Learners?

There are other groups of people who are interested in a Canadian distance education. Typically, the learners usually work outside the home. Open learners getting a distance education in Canada usually have some prior college or university experience, as well.

Can I get a second career through distance learning?

Second Careers Through Open Learning

Tired of your present job? Job dissatisfaction is increasing daily and many employees are looking for new iniatives and ideas to enhance their careers. Many people are reluctant to give up their present jobs before increasing their skills. Canadian distance learning institutions can help adult learners study for a second or even third career while still currently employed. Distance learning colleges will assess your skills and interests to ensure you pick the right program for you. Age is never a barrier with distance learning.

Who participates in open learning?

Who Are The Open Learners?

Open Learners are students who study for college and university degrees from their own home, usually via Internet connection. Some Canadian statistics for open learners show:

  • 2/3 open learners are women.
  • Learners are typically between 26-34.

What is open learning?

Open Learning in Canadian Education

Open learning is a relatively new phrase in Canadian education. Simply put, an open learning program is a program that offers continual year round enrollment.
Open and distance learning are often used interchangeably. Canadian distance learning is when a student completes a program of study from home, at their convenience.

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