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What will Graduation be like?

Graduation for Distance Learners

Students who pursue their degree entirely through open learning do not usually have a graduation ceremony.
Open learning means everyone completes their education at their own pace. Degrees and transcripts are usually sent through the mail.

How do I access help from my teachers?

Accessing Help from Teachers

A challenge that distance education students in Canada face is the lack of one-to-one contact with teachers and professors. Accessing help from an online professor can be done in a few different ways:

  1. Logging on and receiving live help when the professor is online
  2. Posting questions on the university Web boards
  3. Asking for help via email.

Will I be isolated from other learners?

Interacting with Other Distance Students

Being isolated from other students can be a challenge for distance learners. With technology advancing every day, distance students are now able to interact with classmates through university Web boards and virtual classrooms.
Online forums can help distance students interact with other students globally. Additonally, students are setting up their own Yahoo! groups for specific interests and concerns. Distance universities work very hard to make sure students do not feel isolated.

How long will it take me to complete my education?

Time Frames to Complete Distance Education

Distance learning colleges in Canada typically give students between two to three years to finish a diploma program. Extensions depend entirely on the college.
For open learning degrees, a student is able to finish a credit course in as little as three months. Degree completion depends on how many courses a student is enrolled in and what prior learning has been recognized toward the degree. Distance universities often give students five to seven years to complete a degree. Many distance degree students finish their education much faster due to year round enrollment.

What is a typical day for the distance student?

A Day in the Life of a Distance Education Student

There really is no typical day for the Canadian distance education student. Open learning allows students to log on to their classes any time of the day or night, through their university's Web site. Some distance students may have to login to virtual classrooms at set specific times or attend a satellite campus for some classes.

Who is the typical distance learner?

Distance Learners in Canada

A Canadian distance learner is anyone enrolled in a distance learning college or a Canadian university online degree. Statistics show that Canadian distance students:

  • Usually work outside the home
  • Have prior college or university experience
  • Are typically between 26-35 years of age

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