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Availability of Associate Degrees in Canadian Distance Learning

The best part about earning a Canadian university online degree is the ability to move on to a higher degree within the CVU. Students who successfully complete the Associate of Science degree may apply their education towards a Bachelor of Science (general) at Thompson Rivers University. Students who graduate with the Associate of Arts degree may apply their education toward the Bachelor of Arts programs. Both Associate degrees can be used towards a Bachelor of General Studies at Thompson Rivers University.


Obtaining a Master of Arts in Integrated Studies

Through the Master of Arts in Integrated Studies, students further develop their critical thinking skills, by understanding how knowledge overlaps. Graduates from a Canadian distance learning college often find employment as adult educators, advocacy organizations, journalism, Labor Rights Workers and Computer Programmers. On average, Canadian distance learning college students take three to four years to complete the Master of Arts in Integrated Studies, although up to six years is given for completion.


Applying and Studying for the Distance Bachelor of Art Degree

If you plan on getting a Canadian Bachelor degree, it's important to find a school that gives you plenty of electives to choose from. Being able to choose electives from different academic institutions benefits Canadian Bachelor degree students in several ways:

  1. Cost Effective - different universities have different rates for credit courses, students may save some money.
  2. No waiting lists - electives through the open university system can be undertaken at any time.
  3. Greater variety - students with specific interests can have the greatest access to electives programs from the 12 Universities that make up the Canadian Virtual University conglomerate.
  4. Ease of transfer - students taking electives from universities within the CVU know they will be automatically transfered toward their degree, regardless of the institution.
The steps to apply for and complete a distance Bachelor of Science are the same as for the distance Bachelor of Arts.


Obtaining a Practical Nurse Access Certificate

There are some instances where a Canadian online education requires you attend classes on a campus and not just via the Internet. To graduate with a Practical Nurse Access certificate, students must attend two labs on campus, composed of seven to eight students. These labs are mandatory and students must cover the expense of attending them. The Canadian online education for a Practical Nurse Access Certificate also requires practicums. Two work placements or practicums are undertaken by students enrolled in the Practical Nurse Access certificate. One work placement is done in a long term care facility, and the second in an acute care facility. Both placements are clinically supervised and students get to participate and work with nursing teams and apply their nursing knowledge and skills. Graduates are prepared to work as a part of a health and nursing team in a variety of health settings. Upon graduation, a student may apply to the College of Licenced Practical Nurses of British Columbia (CLPNBC) for examinations and the designation of LPN (Licenced Practical Nurse).


Bachelor of Education Degree

A Bachelor of Education degree from a college in Canada can help you score a job as a teacher or another role in the education field. However, if you plan on getting your degree from an online college in Canada, you should know that Laurentian University is one of the twelve participating institutions in the Canadian Virtual University conglomerate.


Completing your Canadian Distance Learning Degree Online

Since a Canadian distance learning degree is not a typical way of earning an education, it's important to have the answers before you enroll. Knowing beforehand what commitments a Canadian distance learning university expects of its students will help you assess the best degree to fit your lifestyle.

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