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Accreditation of Canadian Online College Diplomas

If you don't find that your online college in Canada is accredited by these three agencies, don't worry. The accreditation may be through another agency. Other licensing agencies may also be involved in accreditation of an individual online college in Canada. Ask the college advisors for details of their accreditation.


Choosing Distance and Open Learning Degrees

If Canadian Open Learning doesn't fit your lifestyle, you may consider choosing a Canadian distance learning degree. This means:

  • You may be able to do some or all of your degree at home via the Internet
  • You may have to attend some campus classes for degree requirements
  • Classes may be held at a satellite location
  • Enrollment and completion dates for courses usually match those of on-campus dates


Choosing an Online University

If you want to attend an online university and have checked with the Canadian Virtual University, you should know you can take courses at a variety of institutions for your online education in Canada. Students enrolled through the Canadian Virtual University are not limited to taking courses from just one institution. You will, however, have to apply individually to each university you wish to study from.

What differences exist between a distance and open degree?

Choosing Distance and Open Learning Degrees

There are some important differences between Canadian distance degrees and open learning degrees. The information below covers the specifics of a Canadian Open Learning degree.

    Choosing a Canadian Open Learning degree means:
    • You can usually complete a degree from anywhere in the world.
    • An open degree can be done entirely online.
    • You can begin and complete your courses anytime, regardless of semester dates.
    • Open Learning degrees may be completed faster due to year round accessibility.
    Assessing your educational needs and time availability will help you decide whether a distance or open learning degree is right for you.

How do I choose an on-line University?

Choosing an Online University

For students who have decided on a online university in Canada, the best place to start is the Canadian Virtual University.
Made up of 12 university and university colleges across Canada, the Canadian Virtual University offers distance and open degrees in most disciplines.

What College education is available through distance learning?

Education Through Canadian Distance Learning Colleges

Canadian colleges provide students with job-ready skills. Diplomas from a Canadian college equip students with specific skills for specific careers.
Canadian distance learning colleges are private institutions that provide students with diplomas for entry- to mid-level employment.

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