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Completing an Online Degree in Canada

To complete their online degree in Canada, students enrolled through CVU can take courses at any of the institutions. This allows students to take the necessary courses to complete their online degree in Canada, but they aren't penalized for switching schools.


Delivery of Canadian Distance Education Programs

A distance learning college doesn't always require you to take courses through the mail. There is another delivery method for a distance learning college that does involve your computer. In recent years, some distance career colleges have developed CD-roms as training materials and online testing capabilities.

How do I access help from an online Instructor?

Getting Help from your Online Professor

Like any student, Canadian distance students may need extra help from their professors.
Canadian distance universities recognize the need for individual help and attention.
Professors assist students individually through online discussions, private chat rooms, email and by telephone.
Studying by distance doesn't mean you will be alone with course difficulties. Professors are there to help.

How long will I have to complete an on-line degree?

Time Frames for Completing an Online Degree

Completing an online degree through distance education may be completed faster than a traditional degree.
Due to Open Learning, a student can enroll in courses and study toward their Canada online degree year-round.
Each University providing distance degrees in Canada sets out their own individual time frame for course and degree completion.

How is an On-line Classroom different?

Online Classroom vs. Traditional Classroom

An online classroom is a classroom without borders. Unlike a traditional class, students do not physically travel to participate and receive lectures.
An online classroom operates in much the same way as a regular classroom in that:

  • There is a professor who leads the class
  • Required readings and assignments are posted in the online classroom
  • Students are able to interact with the professor and each other through online discussions
  • Both audio and online streaming video may be used.
Online classrooms differ from institute to institute and additional training resources and technology may be used.

What technology do I need for on-line learning?

Technology Needed for Online Education

Students enrolled in online Canadian distance education need to have and be able to use the following technology:

  • An IBM or compatible computer
  • At least a 60 Gig hard drive
  • A modem for Internet class access
  • Windows 2000 or newer operating system.

    Each distance learning institute may require students to have additional technology and software depending on the program.

Are all distance education programs done on-line?

Delivery of Canadian Distance Education Programs

Not all Canadian Distance Education is done online. Many career colleges offer single courses or entire diplomas through printed materials. Delivery of these programs is done by mail. Students return assignments through the mail and in some cases are able to enter test results through the telephone. Many unique programs are still only available in print format through Canadian distance education.

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