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Bachelor of Education Degree

A Bachelor of Education degree from a college in Canada can help you score a job as a teacher or another role in the education field. However, if you plan on getting your degree from an online college in Canada, you should know that Laurentian University is one of the twelve participating institutions in the Canadian Virtual University conglomerate.


Completing your Canadian Distance Learning Degree Online

Since a Canadian distance learning degree is not a typical way of earning an education, it's important to have the answers before you enroll. Knowing beforehand what commitments a Canadian distance learning university expects of its students will help you assess the best degree to fit your lifestyle.

What further on-line Bachelor degrees are being developed?

Emerging On-line Bachelor Degrees

The demand for Canadian distance learning degrees is leading to new degrees being developed and offered throughout various Canadian universities. For example, over the next two years, new Arts degrees will be offered through the Canadian Virtual University conglomerate, in response to student demands.

Canadian online Bachelor degrees in the Sciences will also be introducing some new degrees. Thanks to new technology, science degrees that were previously only available on campus, will be delivered by distance learning in the next few years.

How is a Canadian on-line bachelor degree different?

The Canadian on-line Bachelor degree.

Completing a Canadian online Bachelor degree takes a lot of hard work and perseverance. Often an online degree is seen as more difficult to complete, and students who do so are commended. While you probably won't meet your Professor's or classmates face-to-face, a Canadian distance learning degree has the same requirements for graduation, as an on campus degree.

Which Canadian on-line degree is in highest demand?

Bachelor of Education Degree

The highest demand for any Canadian online degree is the Bachelor of Education. Through online learning, Laurentian University offers a French only Canadian Bachelor degree in Education. Currently, this distance degree is only available for Ontario residents, due to Provincial regulations.

Do I have to complete all my distance degree on-line?

Completing your Canadian Distance Learning Degree Online

Before beginning any Canadian distance learning degree, ask the University how your degree will be delivered. Canadian online Bachelor degrees may be completed in the following way:

  • Completely online
  • On-line with the option to attend campus classes
  • On-line delivery with some mandatory campus courses and assessments.

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