Obtaining a British Columbia (BC) Adult Graduation Diploma

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How do I obtain a BC adult graduation diploma online?

Obtaining a British Columbia (BC) Adult Graduation Diploma

Canadian distance education is available at the high school level. Students who have not obtained the necessary grade 12 diploma to further their post-secondary education can access an online adult basic education option instead.

The BC adult graduation diploma is available through Canadian online education at Thompson Rivers University. The educational goal of the BC adult graduation diploma is for mature students to obtain a Canadian grade 12 equivalency. Students who successfully complete this diploma often further their studies at the college or university level or enter the work force.

Who is recognized as a mature student?

There is some variance among academic institutions, as to the definition of a mature student. Thompson Rivers recognizes all of the following as being mature students, for entrance into the BC adult graduation diploma program:

  • Any student aged 18 or over who has been out of traditional education for at least three years.
  • Any student 19 or over.
  • Universities generally recognize the age of 21 as their benchmark for mature student status.
Who can enroll in the BC adult graduation diploma program ?
  • A mature BC student having a traditional grade 11 education.
  • A BC student having obtained a grade 11 advanced certificate or grade 11 equivalency.
  • Any Canadian student who has completed grade 11, but not grade 12.
What's involved in the BC adult graduation diploma program?

The BC adult graduation diploma is not a high school diploma. The adult graduation diploma gives students an equivalent education to traditional high school. It is not a GED and completion of the BC adult graduation diploma allows students to enter traditional university or college programs. The adult graduation diploma has the same rules for graduation as traditional high school. Across Canada, high school graduates must have at least 5 courses or credits at the grade 12 level. The academic requirements for a BC Adult Graduation Diploma are:

  • One English requirement
  • One math requirement
  • Three electives from biology, physical geography, career planning, Native Studies I and II.
Recognizing BC's rich First Nations heritage, Thompson Rivers offers high school electives in First Nations studies to all students enrolled in the BC adult graduation diploma program.

The BC adult graduation diploma program is available through open learning. Students are able to complete their diploma at their own pace; no time limits are given to complete this credential.



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