Applying and Studying for the Distance Bachelor of Art Degree

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Does the Canadian Virtual University grant distance Bachelor degrees?

Applying and Studying for the Distance Bachelor of Art Degree

For students applying for a Bachelor of Art degree through Canadian distance education, a number of options to study and obtain the degree exist. As Bachelor of Art degrees have open admission, a student need not take a full course load each year. In fact, students can take only one or several courses at a time.

Students enrolling through the Canadian Virtual University network do not apply to the Canadian Virtual University for application to a Bachelor of Arts degree. The Canadian Virtual University does not grant degrees of any kind. Students choose a Bachelor of Arts program from one of the 12 participating Universities and Colleges within the CVU and apply directly to that institution. Once accepted, students can begin their Bachelor of Arts degree from their degree granting institution.

How do students select majors and elective courses in a distance degree through the Canadian Virtual University conglomerate?

  • First be accepted into a specific Bachelor of Arts program from one of the twelve participating universities and colleges.
  • Majors must be completed through the university initially applied to. This university will be the degree grantor.
  • Some universities insist that students take a specific number of courses from their degree-granting institution. These courses are called residency courses and are not to be confused with on-campus studies.
  • Once accepted and enrolled in a Bachelor of Arts program, students can peruse and take electives from any of the other 11 participating universities and colleges from the Canadian Virtual University.
  • Students need not pay additional admission fees to the other participating universities within the CVU when they undertake elective courses.

    Degrees through the participating institutions within the Canadian Virtual University framework are, unless specified, available to students around the globe.



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