Obtaining a Canadian Bachelor of Commerce (General Management)

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How do I obtain a distance Canadian Bachelor of Commerce?

Obtaining a Canadian Bachelor of Commerce (General Management)

The Canadian Bachelor of Commerce degree is the most popular business degree available. Designed for managers in both business and government settings, the Canadian Bachelor of Commerce in General Management is available internationally through open learning. Many U.S. and international students seeking to either work or do business with Canadian firms, enroll in the Bachelor of Commerce in General Management. This 120-credit degree is not designed for students looking to begin a full 4-year degree in business from the beginning.

Depending on how many credits a student receives recognition for, the Canadian Bachelor of Commerce consists of:

  • Core Knowledge : Management Principles and Practices, Business Management, Probability and Statistics and English
  • Electives: Economics macro and micro, Human Resource Management, Accounting, Marketing and Financial Management, Organizational Behaviour.
  • Concentration: Begins in the third year of University and goes into the fourth. There are seven areas of concentration within the Canadian Bachelor of Commerce degreee: Accounting, Human Resource Management, Information Systems Management, Leadership, Marketing, Public Sector Management and Technical Management.
The availability of the seven different concentrations allow students to specialize in one area. The concentrations allow graduates to directly enter the work force job ready, for different positions in management in both private and governmental positions.



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