Obtaining an Advanced Diploma/MBA in Management

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Can I study for a distance Canadian graduate degree in Business?

Obtaining an Advanced Diploma/MBA in Management

The Advanced Graduate Diploma in Management is designed for working managers from any industry, who do not have an undergraduate degree. No formal education requirements are needed, but an enrollee must be able to demonstrate that they have spent several years as a working manager. The Advanced Diploma in Management is a two-tiered program.

Why take the Advanced Diploma in Management?

  1. The Academic Focus - working managers learn solid academic business skills. These new skills help support and enhance existing skills. Graduates can take newly learned skills directly to their workplace.
  2. Weed Out the Competition - sooner or later, most managers without a business diploma or degree will find further career advancement difficult, if not impossible. Obtaining an academic foundation not only can give job security, but can allow managers to apply for different managerial positions.
  3. Out-maneuver the Competition - learning academic business skills makes managers more aware of the strengths and weaknesses that exist in their own workplace and those of the competition. Competitive plans of action can be hatched and put into place.
Whats courses are involved in the Advanced Diploma in Management?

All courses involved in the Advanced Diploma in Management offered through Athabasca University distance learning are mandatory. There are no electives.

  1. Strategic Management
  2. Analytical Tools
  3. Financial and Management Accounting
  4. Operations Management
  5. Comprehensive Exam
Offered through Open Learning with winter, spring and fall enrollment, students can take up to three years to complete the diploma. Successful completion of the Advanced Diploma in Management is called Phase 1. Non-degree holders can then apply to Phase 2, which is the Master's of Business Administration completed through distance learning at Athabasca University.



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