Current Educational Offerings at Canadian Universities

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Why don't more Universities offer online degrees?

Current Educational Offerings at Canadian Universities

Currently, many Canadian universities do not offer complete online distance degrees, while some continue to offer no distance educational courses whatsoever. Canadian Universities vary in their educational offerings -- some offer courses only, certificates, diploma's and degrees. Other's may only offer a handful of online degree's to remain competitive, while still concentrating their recruitment efforts on traditional campus studies.

Canadian Universities site several challenges to providing Canadian online degree's:

  • Do not believe there is a demand.
  • Technological costs, of setting up on line educational degree's.
  • Additional staffing costs, including technological training for Professors and hiring support staff.
  • The continued belief that students are best served by a traditional on Campus classroom education.
Students are looking for educational institutions that will fit into existing busy lifestyles. Canadian online degree's will continue to fill that need.

Possible solution: One thing that is occurring in Canadian education is the pairing up of educational institutions. For example, in Nova Scotia, a University student studying for a Minor in Film, can take Film courses from up to three different traditional universities. Pairing up to offer a wider variety of courses allows traditional universities to remain competitive.



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