Overcoming Technology Barriers

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What technological challenges do Canadian distance learners have?

Overcoming Technology Barriers

For students commencing studies through distance education it's important to know the technological skills needed for the program. Returning to education without having proper knowledge and training of current technology can be disastrous. Canadian distance universities are rising to the challenge of ensuring that all students have the proper knowledge and equipment to succeed in their studies.

With "help" icons on University websites, potential students can connect to academic advisor's. Here, potential students may have existing computer skills tested, and if needed be offered further training. Many University websites contain detailed lists of both the computer skills students need to possess before undertaking distance learning and what technology will be used in their training.

Technology typically needed and used in distance education is:

  • Windows 2000.
  • Internet Explorer.
  • Microsoft Word for papers.
  • Ability to download, save and print material.
  • Use of a microphone and speakers.
  • Ability to tune into pod casts and burn Cd's.



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